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Coalition Government’s Spending Plans are a 'Body Blow' for Calderdale, say Labour

Monday, 25 October 2010

The Coalition Government’s spending plans represent a real body blow for Calderdale, Calderdale Labour leader Cllr Tim Swift warned today.

Cllr Swift has told the Hebden Bridge Web that “The Government’s plans to go all out for big cuts could see over 1,000 people lost their jobs in the public sector as a result of the spending review. This represents a huge gamble with Calderdale’s future, coming on top of the reported loss of jobs at Lloyds TSB over the same period of time. 

“Fewer people in work means less people paying taxes and more claiming benefits. That’s bad for the recovery and is going to make paying down the deficit tougher than ever.

“This budget is also a direct attack on local policing, representing the biggest ever cuts to the police Britain and West Yorkshire has ever seen. Over £1 billion is being sliced out of the police service up and down the country. That could mean that over 5,000 of Britain’s police officers lose their jobs. That is simply going to make the fight against crime, drugs and anti-social behaviour harder.

“The truth is that it is the government who are deficit deceivers. To get this country through the biggest global depression since the 1920s Labour borrowed to make sure we got through the storm without people losing their jobs and their homes. In the current economic climate, throwing people out of work, cutting at the speed and the level the government intends could choke off the very fragile recovery and put the squeeze on the most vulnerable and on middle Britain.

“And at the same time, they are forcing local spending cuts which will remove the services people rely on when times are hard. Calderdale Council is facing a reduction in Government funding of almost 30% in the next four years, and with reductions in targeted grants and changes to the way Council Tax Benefit is funded, the cuts could be even larger.

“Calderdale’s Labour councillors will be working with our party colleagues to make sure everyone understands the impact of the coalition Government’s spending plans on our community. And we are committed to using our positions in Calderdale Council to stand up for the vulnerable, taking the tough decisions about which jobs and services have to take priority as we do all we can to safeguard our community in the face of these damaging national cuts.”


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