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£50,000 more for Skatepark:
construction could start early 2011

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Fantastic news for Hebden Bridge Skatepark, and just in time for Christmas!  Confirmation has arrived from the environmental regeneration charity, Groundworks UK, that the Friends Of Calder Holmes Park have been successful with their 2nd stage application for funding towards improvement and extension of the skatepark.  The charity, which works closely with communities to promote economic and social regeneration, has awarded Hebden Bridge's hard working young people with a cheque for £50,000.  

The ongoing skatepark extension project has seen young people involved in a number of projects over the last two years including the highly successful Fair For Youth, skating trips to Scotland, and fund raising on a massive scale.  The total amount raised so far currently stands at a truly successful £179,000. This money will be used to completely regenerate the Skatepark and surrounding area.  

With the architect already appointed and working towards finalising the plans, and Skatepark construction company Acrete standing by to work closely with our youngsters, it is hoped that construction will commence in early 2011.  

John Gale who works closely with Hebden Royd Town Council and Hebden Bridge's young people said "This is yet another example of our young people achieving great things and making changes to the world they live in.  It just goes to prove that when you want to really make a difference, actually anyone can do it.  Our young people need to realise more and more that if they stand up for what they believe in and take action in their local community, they will find that there are funding opportunities out there and that positive changes can be made"

Lesley Jones, Hebden Royd Town Councillor added "This news represents the culmination of a lot of hard work and support by many people and organisations which is much appreciated.  With the majority of funding now in place, the project can now start to move ahead.  The extension project will provide a much needed improvement of the skatepark facility for the young people of Hebden Royd and will be a flagship skatepark for the whole of Calderdale.  And of course, many thanks go to our young people for sticking with it and remaining involved every step of the way.  It can seem like these things go on for ever with nothing happening and I know it is hard for them to maintain hope and enthusiasm but they did, and the end is in sight at last for them.”

Lorraine Daber from Calderdale Council's Young People's Service said, ' This has been a tremendous effort from both adults and young people and it shows what can be achieved when people work together for the good of their communities.  We are delighted that the funding is almost complete and that work can begin and we look forward to the opening at The Fair For Youth event in the Spring.'  The Young People's Service contributed £ 25,000 of funding from the Youth Opportunities fund and helped young people to be part of the design and bidding process.

Iain Young, of Acrete Skateparks, the contractors who will be building the skatepark said "We at Acrete Skateparks are very happy to assist the Hebden Bridge Skatepark project in building a state of the art skatepark which is deserving to all of the hard work from John Gale, Lesley Jones & all the skatepark committee members who have pushed this project forward.  We look forward to putting this grade A concrete skatepark in the ground and have it ready for 'schralping' sometime very soon.  Congratulations Hebden, welcome to the skatepark revolution."


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