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News from Palestine

from Hebden Bridge resident, Ron Taylor

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Below is a film about what has, and is still happening, to the village of Al Walaja, near Bethlehem in the West Bank of Palestine. The film was made earlier this year and I was present when much of the filming took place. I visited the village a couple of weeks ago and again yesterday. I met Abu Nidal who appears on the film - an amazing man. The Wall continues to be built and encroaches ever more on to village land making life nigh on impossible for the Palestinians living there.

The film, in three parts, is important, not just because it is about the story of one particular village, but also because it illustrates very clearly how the Israelis go about extending their control of what is left of Palestinian territory. All this goes on day after day whilst the Israeli government tries to tell us that it wants peace.


Palestinian homes up against the Wall


The Wall will continue down here as it winds
round the village and strangles it


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