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Get registered and have your say

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

There are 13,000 residential properties in Calderdale where there are no registered voters.

Calderdale Council is sending letters to all of the properties concerned, inviting the occupants to register to vote in time for the Local Council Elections on May 5.

They should fill in the form accompanying the letter as soon as possible to ensure they have their say at the local Council Elections.
Calderdale Council's Principal Elections Officer, Linda Clarkson, says only those people who sign the form and return it in time will be eligible to vote at the next elections.

"Whilst the deadline for applications is 14 April, we'd like people to get their forms back to us as soon as possible, to ensure that they don't miss out. If they return their forms after that date, they will still be processed, but they won't be entitled to vote on May 5."
By registering to vote, she says people could also have a say in the way their MPs are chosen in the future.

"If the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill receives Royal Assent by February 16, then a referendum is likely to be held on May 5 ? the day of Local Council Elections.
"The referendum will ask voters if they are in favour of or against the introduction of a new system of voting - the Alternative Vote System.

"Having a say in the Local Council Elections is really important ? but this year having a say could be even more significant."

Copies of the form are available on the Council's website , by e-mail from or by telephoning the Electoral Services Unit on Halifax 393103.

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