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Midgehole Dyeworks - new Residents' Association

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The background

In August 2009, Midgehole Dyeworks closed. Inevitably local people began to speculate about the future of the building and site. It seemed unlikely that it would reopen for industrial use as poor access made it unsuitable for large modern delivery vehicles. However, to conform to planning requirements, the property must be advertised for sale as commercial premises for two years before any change of use can be applied for. This period is coming to a close and, thus far, it would appear the premises are still for sale.

Our response

The people of Midgehole are naturally concerned that any potential development does not have a detrimental impact on the landscape or the community. Not only is this a place where people live, it is also a stone's throw from a much loved and visited National Trust beauty spot.

Residents came together to form an Association to consider what influence they might be able to have on any potential development. As a group they are being as realistic as possible and whilst trying not to be NIMBYs, they are determined to avoid a development which might destroy the landscape, wildlife, and community of the valley.

The Association is hoping to contribute to any future planning decisions by submitting a planning brief to Calderdale Council and to that end has held several meetings culminating in a consultation event last Saturday. The aim is to ensure that the whole community has some input into this brief. The National Trust have also been kept informed and been invited to contribute to the discussion.

Current and future developments

Residents have given both verbal and written feedback on such issues as Housing density, local infrastructure (in particular traffic issues), building materials, conservation of original stone buildings etc. This feedback is currently being collated and a draft planning brief drawn up for residents to consider at the next meeting of the group on the 23rd March.

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