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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

HebVeg plan ambitious step forward

Thanks to Ben Oubridge for this item

HebVegThere's a new way to get your weekly veg starting in town soon.

Earlier this year, HebVeg launched a successful organic veg-box scheme, with the aim of supporting local producers of organic, seasonal fruit and vegetables.

HebVeg ? part of the Hebden Bridge Transition Towns initiative - are now planning to take an ambitious step forward, employing their own grower, producing food directly on land in and around Hebden Bridge, and sourcing more food from growers in the area.

On October 1st, HebVeg will re-launch as a 'Community-Supported Agriculture' (CSA) scheme. Members of the CSA will purchase a share of the crops produced over the coming year by or for HebVeg. By paying for their share upfront or in monthly installments, members guarantee a steady income for HebVeg and the resources necessary for investment in tools and equipment. In return, members will receive a box of organic fruit and vegetables for 40 weeks of the year. A full cropshare works out at £10 per box, and would normally be sufficient for 2-3 people.

Ben Oubridge, one of the founders of the HebVeg scheme, explains "this is a really exciting development for Hebden Bridge. People can get directly involved in producing local food, without any of the work. As members of the CSA scheme, they can have a say in how things are done. In turn, we can guarantee some income for local growers, helping to make local organic food production much more viable." HebVeg will be part of the growing CSA movement, with nearly one hundred CSA schemes set up in the UK in recent years.

Trial boxes are available for those who wish to try out the scheme before joining. More information on the scheme can be found on the Hebden Bridge Transition Town website.


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