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Hebden Bridge Picture House Survey: Strong support for the Town Council to take over the Picture House.

Update: Wednesday, 2 November 2011

An impressive 1491 people submitted responses to the Picture House Questionnaire and we'd like to that all that did.

The survey illustrates a high level of support for the Town Council to take on the responsibility of managing and developing the Picture House, a role that the Town Council looks forward to taking on.

The programming comes in for praise and current mix of live events seems to be just about right with a demand for more live events also being clear.

The digitalisation of the cinema and its impact obviously is considered very important to Picture House users and the other proposed improvements to the fabric of the build were warmly welcomed to differing degrees.

Finally over 800 people have opted to become Friends of the Picture House, we'll be contacting them soon.

Take a look at the initial results.

Sign up here to become a Friend of the Picture House

Hebden Bridge Picture House - Have your say!

Update: Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Town Council continues to seek opinions about the future of the Picture House. The past 10 days have seen Councillors and Town Council Officers asking the people of the Upper Valley if they would like to see the Picture House under the control of the Town Council.

'We have had a great reaction' said Jason Boom, Town Clerk for Hebden Royd. We are now well into four figures and have set our sights on surpassing the recent Piece Hall consultation.

'There are one or two answers coming out that we didn't see coming but that is exactly what this is about identifying the important issues for the users of the Picture House and to secure its profitable future.'

The survey can be completed until the 30th October.

Hebden Bridge Picture House - Have your say!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Hebden Royd Town Council is currently applying to take over the Hebden Bridge Picture House from Calderdale Council.

The current financial climate is likely to limit the ability of Calderdale MBC to invest in the future of the Picture House. A lack of investment in the Picture House could mean that its future becomes less assured.

The aim of Hebden Royd Town Council is to ensure that this much loved resource is able to continue to provide the best possible experience for many years to come and our aspiration is to develop the Picture House into the best single screen cinema in the country.

A great deal of work has gone in to looking at the best way to achieve this. Hebden Royd Town Council now needs to demonstrate public support for its application to take over the Picture House. This will allow Calderdale MBC to be confident that the proposal has the support of the community when it makes its final assessment in the New Year.

Download the survey here, complete and return to to Hebden Royd Town Council, The Town Hall, St Georges Street, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7BY or click here to complete the survey online

Fill in the survey before 30th October



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