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Lives Remembered - George Guest

George Guest has recently become my chief ghost. He has "quit his shape" as they say. I first met George when he drove into Hebden Bridge, what 198?, in a beat up commer camper van. Reader, I bought it. 

As an artist he was one of the few with whom I could enjoy grown-up conversations (Pete Miles was another) and I got a glimpse of what dedication meant.

As a man he cultivated sweetness and light tho on at least one of our trips somewhere or other I caught another side of the sturdy son of Rotherham - I suppose Claire must have been in the car.

Well, there you are, George has gone and a corner of my flying carpet begans to flap, wanting to be off.

From Matt Hilton

Saturday, 8 August 2020

From John Billingsley

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Really sorry to hear this - when did we lose George? I'll really miss the chats here and there over the last couple of decades... 

From Patricia Skeet

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Very sorry to hear that George has died. He was a great friend of my partner Max Howarth and I have a portrait of Max drawn by George on the wall. I also remember bumping into himself and Claire in Barcelona in the '80s. Their incredibly glamorous friends Enrique & Elena, their long nights playing poker, their kindness. Condolences.

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Lives Remembered

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