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Market Street shops

From Gwen Goddard

Friday, 26 February 2010

No doubt many of us have long been dismayed at the appearance of three near derelict shops on Market Street.

Representations have been made to Calderdale by individuals and local organisations to get these shops back into retail, charitable or other commercial use but nothing has happened. Hebden Royd staff and local councillors have also taken up the case with Calderdale officers, again with no result.

There is now a petition in the Bookcase, to be presented to Calderdale, drawing attention to this eyesore on our main shopping street. I urge everyone to go in and sign it.

From M. Elder

Saturday, 27 February 2010

The state of the derelict (and decaying) shop fronts on Market Street and the unwillingness of CMBC to take any remedial action runs utterly counter to the actions and expenditure of individuals and organised bodies to improve the town.

I cannot understand why Calderdale is “unwilling” to take what appears to be the only course of action available, especially as (admittedly only from hearsay) the owner maintains these properties in this state quite deliberately.

If this was housing on an estate such as Banksfield the landlord would be looking to remedy the situation as quickly as possible but here in the centre of an otherwise prosperous town is a sign of deprivation and squalor which by the pusillanimity and laziness of the relevant local authority has been allowed to continue without remedial action.

From Peter Ford

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The 3 Shops highlighted on Market street look far from derelict to me. I think a far more accurate description might be boarded up shops. The shops have been boarded up for a long time. In that time I would doubt if they have had any real impact on other shops in the Town.

Certain people in Hebden Bridge seem to be hooked on creating hysteria and anger about a range of causes however insignificant. Other more pressing or difficult to tackle issues are ignored.

Under age drinking, the lack of affordable housing, and parking problems are 3 real issues for the town.

Come on let’s get some real perspective. A few boarded up shops in credit crunch Britain hardly seem worth a mention.

From M. Elder

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Apropos the most recent comment - “some people…”
I know that the businesses west of the “boarded up” premises suffer lower turnover because many visitors perceive that there are no viable shops beyond these messy, neglected and, increasingly, dangerous looking facades.

How long before they become a real hazard to pedestrians?

And it isn’t only the facades. Take a look at the blocked gutters above. Little more needs to be said.

From Karen Marshall

Thursday, 4 March 2010

In support of M.Elders statement regarding the shops affected west of the “eyesore” on Market St, I am writing in as the owner of The Banyan Tree which is in this location. I agree that passing trade is affected by the buildings as many of my customers have stated this to me and the quick turnover of business in my premises alone dictates this.

It is my understanding that the owner was given over 12 months ago to tidy up the facades of the three spaces, but that this had clearly been ignored and not reinforced. Money has been earmarked apparently to do this so why is it taking so long? Visible to anyone walking past is a view in the window of one space which looks like an environmental hazzard to anyone walking past. It is not just a boarded up shop in the recession, rather it has been abandoned for seven years. Spring is here, please get people to sign the petition and at least see them given a lick of some paint, or some community art?

I believe this would not happen in Halifax or Todmorden centres and it is because we are seen as a town with lots of money it is to be ignored which is unacceptable.

From Alex H

Thursday, 4 March 2010

As a shop owner in the town I have a simple solution to this matter. If the owner and his family won’t do anything to rectify the shops, we need to fight back. They get the benefit of living in a vibrant town full of independent shops. I’m sure they use the shops on a regular basis, so here is my thought. All the shop owners need to stand firm and together (for once!) and bar his family from using our services. If he won’t work with us, we won’t work with him! This will only work if we all work together.

From Ian M

Sunday, 7 March 2010

“and bar his family from using our services. If he won’t work with us, we won’t work with him! This will only work if we all work together”

Why stop there? Find out if he has children and you could get them excluded from the local schools - Get a grip!

And Karen, I can only assume you haven’t been to Todmorden for a while!

From Cllr Janet Battye

Thursday, 11 March 2010

This is an issue that I have been following for sometime now - and it was raised at tonight’s ward forum.

They are in a prominent position, visible to people coming out of the shops opposite, and there is a danger that they act as a "break" in the row of shops which people have to walk past to get to the shops on the other side of them, going out of the town centre.

At least, it would be good if the fronts of the shops looked better than they do - and both Hebden Royd Town Council and, now, Calderdale Council are trying to do something about this. But it does depend on co-operation from the owners.

Ideally, it would be even better, if these shops were brought back into use. I am continuing to urge Calderdale Council officers to try to help and persuade the owners to do something about it. It is useful to know that this is what local people want…

From Janice S

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Now they are on Google Street View perhaps it will be easier to show Calderdale what they look like in relation to the rest of the shops. Unfortunately it’s not possible to see the vegetation growing out of the guttering.

From Katie W

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hello all,

Does anyone know who owns the empty shops on Market St? I am looking for a retail unit in Hebden Bridge to open a business and am having trouble finding a suitable shop to rent or buy.

Any information would be gratefully received as I want to open as soon as possible, if we could bring one of these back to life we would like to.

Or indeed if anyone knows of a vacant unit that is available or soon to be available, I would be most interested.

Many thanks

From Gwen Goddard

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Katie, I suggest you talk to Jason Boom, Town Clerk at the Town Hall, regarding these shops. He knows the history and who owns them.

I agree it would be good to have them back in use but many have tried - and failed.

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