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Caldene Avenue Road Bridge

From David Thompson

Monday, 26 August 2019

Does anyone know why it is taking so long to build the new bridge in Mytholmroyd? Is it usual for projects like this to take so long, or has some problem occurred? 

From Amy R

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Russia built 19 kms of causeway over the sea to Crimea in two years. Calderdale and its Environment Agency partners have been working for over two years on probably less than 1 km of roads and bridges in Mytholmroyd, and not finished yet. What's the difference? Motivation. 

From M King

Monday, 2 September 2019

I believe this is due to a lack of resource - people to do the job.

All the "flood prevention" activities in Mytholmroyd have taken longer due to too few people to do the jobs.

The "completion date" is no longer displayed as VIBA & EA cannot say when they will finish.

All a bit galling as the work will not prevent either of the last two major floods the area has suffered.

From Julie C

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

I feel the contributions on this topic have too negative a way of looking at the situation. It is taking a very long time yes, but that ignores all the other stuff being done apart from simple bridge construction.

There is work going on for example around the feeder streams such as the one from Foster Clough, and tons of work around the Elphin that comes down from Cragg Vale.

There have been lots of problems with the great mesh of assorted utilities which are routed down the valley, the next bit of work involves working on rejoining the utilities coming over the new bridge to join the ones running along the main road, it means diverting the traffic via the front yard of the fire station, the fire engine will be located elsewhere while this happens.

There have been added hold ups caused by the Walkleys Fire and demolition.The latest completion date is next summer, it will indeed be a huge relief, but also a massive achievement, considering the tricky nature of the work involved.

From Amy R

Monday, 9 September 2019

According to the VBA website, they are a group of companies from Germany, the Netherlands and UK, with thousands of employees. They have three construction projects in the UK: Fylde, Trent and Mytholmroyd.  What if they gave priority to getting Mythomroyd back on schedule?