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Cash machines

From Susan Quick

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Yesterday, cash machine problems meant I ended up going all the way to Halifax.  

The NatWest machine has been out of order for days and when I asked the Halifax branch they told me it was nothing to do with them.  Some quango using their name.  

The cash machine in the shop that was the Spar is also out of order.  

I reluctantly decided to use the Co-op machine; I haven't used it for ages, since it swallowed my card, prior to which when I asked it for £100 I got £90.  Yesterday I decided to risk it, rather than wait. I was asked to buy something in the store with my bank card and get cash back.  Stupid idea!  I asked it for £30, it went through the process and gave me nothing so I ended up going  to Halifax in order to check whether my account had been debited and to get some money, or that was my idea but I forgot, the stress of cash machine malfunction having taken over my life!!  

Fortunately I'm going to the Picture House this afternoon and if you pay with a card you can get cash back.

I lived in Africa for years where everything is still cash, I wish we could return to a cash economy. 

From Andy M

Sunday, 3 November 2019

You want to return to a cash economy even if it can be difficult to get cash? No cash - no cash machine problems! 

From Nitch T

Monday, 4 November 2019

The post office offers a free cash withdrawal service inside during opening hours and is providing free access to paying in etc for many banks now. Friendly staff and it means more footfall for them so hopefully they wont end up being closed in the endless post office closures. I use it regularly and have never had an issue. 

From Myra James

Monday, 4 November 2019

 I had a problem with the Coop cash point too. It was at 11pm on Thursday 31 October. I asked for £10 and received my card back but no cash.

I’ve reported it to the bank by phone. I had to go through their ATM dispute procedure. I’ll get the £10 back in my account but if my dispute is declined it’ll be taken off me again.

Susan - it sounds as though you used the machine the day after my problem, so there was clearly something wrong with it. I could hear the machine making all sorts of noises trying but failing to deliver the cash.

It’s now OK as I successfully withdrew cash from it on Sunday. Just as well because, as you say, the one outside what is now The Remedy and the one inside One Stop were both out of order.

From Richard Woodcock

Sunday, 17 November 2019

You can draw cash at the Post Office during their opening hours.