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From Anne Tierney

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Calling on everyone to please stop buying and setting off fireworks.  They terrify many people and animals.  I have just spent another night trying to calm my pet dog quaking with fear because of fireworks being set off randomly on a Saturday evening in January.  I expect it on Bonfire Night and New Years Eve and though I hate them, I make arrangements to manage the panic and fear my dog experiences as best as i can.

My local vet said that the practice is treating increasing numbers of domestic, farm and wild animals for fear reactions caused by fireworks.  The issue is compounded in Hebden Bridge because the noise of fireworks appears to be amplified within the valley.  Fireworks cause unnecessary suffering.  Please stop this by not buying or using them.  

From Hugh M

Monday, 27 January 2020

It wasn't random, it was Chinese New Year and also Burns Night, a duel celebration.

I doubt you'll be able to stop everyone celebrating in a manner in which they freely choose, so you may have to resolve this issue yourself. 

Doggy Kalms and a decent single malt?

From J.Moore

Monday, 27 January 2020

Totally agree!  Lets all get behind a move to stop fireworks being available to buy over the counter or online by individuals.  If we must have them, then organised events with proper controls and safety, on designated nights such as bonfire night and new year.

Just to clarify: I totally agree with Anne Tierney and her view on fireworks, not Hugh M.

From Larry Kin

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Most people like fireworks, most people do not like treading in dog excrement. Would it be better to ban keeping domestic pets - it would avoid this hardship for pets and the unwanted excrement.

From Arla R

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Larry, I would add that most people also like animals, so it seems a reasonable compromise to only sell fireworks for licensed displays for particular celebrations, to reduce stress of both pets and livestock, not to mention a sizeable number of people who are actually bothered by them.

I live in Heptonstall, not a large place, and yet in the run up to Nov 5th we have kids setting off fireworks most evenings for about a month before, plus peoples own displays for about a week before and after 5th.

Also no one has mentioned the pollution and litter created - burned out fireworks tend to fall a ways from where they were lit, so it isn't possible to make sure the remains are collected by those who set them off, even if they have the best intentions (which many don't).

I can just see folks rushing to comment that cars etc cause much more pollution than fireworks, but that doesn't mean firework pollution and littering shouldn't be cracked down on.

My worst experience with inappropriate fireworks was some years ago when I was in Devon for the total eclipse of the sun - an amazing event to witness, but for us spoiled when people nearby set off fireworks at totality.