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Staying at home

From Mark Astbury

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

I went to Todmorden thsis afternoon to shop, thankfully Lidl has now got basics in stock. It surprised me the number of cyclists out who were clearly out as a leisure pursuit rather than as transport to go and shop.

From Sara W

Friday, 27 March 2020

I suspect many people have the same difficulty I have of trying to work out what would be a normal amount of exercise per day for them.  Perhaps these cyclists normally do a long ride once or twice a week, so they're continuing to?

I walk a lot usually, but much of it is in short bursts several times a day, so I have difficulty with getting all my usual daily walking in one go if we're only supposed to go out once a day. What I'm doing is taking one walk of a little less than 2 hours each day, which takes me maybe three - four mlles from home, and some people might look askance on me going that far ... but in fact its probably less than than my usual overall, not more.