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Nuisance Burning

From Graeme K

Friday, 27 March 2020

Today there have been several bonfires on the allotments between Windsor Terrace and Lee Mill Road, where I live. I have asthma and the smoke is an irritant. 

I accept that there will always be a bit of this activity at this time of year but there seems to be much more of it than usual at the moment. Today my house has gained a persistent smell of smoke from at least three separate fires outside.

I spoke to one of the people burning and he kindly did his best to put the fire out. But several people have been involved at different times today so it's difficult to speak to all of them, especially when we're trying to maintain social distance. 
The situation is made much worse by the fact that we're all indoors all day because of the current lock-down. 

Can I use this forum to ask that people please desist from disposing of their waste in this way until the period of confinement we are all in has ended?