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Speeding during lockdown

From Andy G

Saturday, 2 May 2020

On my weekly foray into town to purchase essential supplies, I have been shocked by the large number of car, van and lorry drivers who are blatantly ignoring the 20 mph speed limit through the town centre. Just because there is less traffic than usual on the roads, it doesn't mean that you can just put your foot down and go as fast as you like. Those speed limits are there to protect the lives of pedestrians and cyclists, among others, and should be strictly adhered to. Drivers are not only ignoring the speed limits on the main roads (A646/A6033), but also on narrow, winding roads such as Sandy Gate, on which it is often impossible for pedestrians and cyclists to find safe refuge.

While walking down Birchcliffe Road last Wednesday morning, I encountered the recycling truck standing in the middle of the road for a couple of minutes opposite the Eiffel Tower, while the operatives carried out their duties. As I drew nearer, a very impatient motorist in a metallic light blue station wagon stopped momentarily and then pulled onto the pavement, overtook the truck on the inside and narrowly missed an operative who was crossing in front of the truck to unload recycling into its nearside. Unfortunately, I was so shocked by what I saw that I forget to take a note of the vehicle's registration number. Come on drivers: stop being so selfish and consider other people for a change!

From Myra James

Monday, 4 May 2020

Thanks to Andy Grant for raising this. In fact it is more important than ever to drive carefully at present. Pedestrians sometimes need to step into the road in order to maintain social distance.

As a cyclist I tend to ride further from the pavement than usual to ensure the maximum possible distance from pedestrians.

People are taking their daily exercise by walking and cycling and require all possible respect at this time. (It would be rather good if this could continue after the lockdown.)

It is also worth bearing in mind that the last thing the NHS requires is unnecessary A&E admissions caused by wreckless driving.