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New supermarket

From Nitch Tremayne

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Hoping to open a healthy  debate. 

Halifax Courier article today quotes Aldi as wanting to open new supermarkets across Calderdale. They suggest Hebden Bridge as a location they are interested in for a 1.5 acre site with a store and 100 parking spaces. Views? 

For my two pennorth I can't think of such a site but initial pros may be greater variety of produce and a keen pricing structure, plus jobs and cons could be unknown (to me) environmental policy on products, purchasing chains  and also impact on local small businesses.

I'm sure there will be various views in our community, what do you think?

From Andy G

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The only suitable site in Hebden that I can think of is the old Brown's site opposite the Stubbing Wharf. As this is on a flood plain, any new business premises on the site would have to be built on stilts with (expensive) lift access, or long ramps, from the ground level parking area and pedestrian entrance. As Nitch says, there would be good and bad effects from such a development going ahead from the point of view of employment, traffic and competition with existing stores large and small.

Much though I love the Co-op and the wonderful people who work there, a bit of competition would certainly make their management think about upping their ante. An Aldi store would be a boon for lower income families, many of whom currently travel by bus to Tod to shop at Lidl. On the debit side, the car park entrance could become a traffic nightmare at busy times.

From Nitch Tremayne

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Thanks for identifying the location of Brown's Andy, I had read the affiliated posts below but wasn't sure where (or what) the Brown's site was. I discounted that bit of land as I believed it was a flood plain. So the building would have to be something like the Morrisons at Elland in construction terms at least. That would be quite an imposing structure! 

From Martin Fraser

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Construction of Aldi Todmorden is underway but I haven't seen an opening date yet.

From Paul Rugg

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Whilst the Browns site is designated a flood plain a new supermarket would raise the ground level.  Although the river comes on to the main road at that point it would probably not take much to keep the water away here.  Both Lidl and the Medical centre in Todmorden have been elevated for the same reason. As far as I know neither Stubbing Drive nor the new (relatively) houses on the site of Bankfoot Garage have flooded. Previous plans have provided access by replacing the turning circle with a roundabout which would also give access to the turning circle. perhaps TLC might run the Heptonstall bus round there to give access. 

From Tim M

Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Brown's site as I recall had planning permission for a supermarket (not sure if this is now lapsed). It's likely only to be of interest to Aldi/Lidl but with new stores in Tod I can't believe that it would be viable to either. As far as its impact on the town goes, it isn't really in the town centre so most visits will be by car, and do we really need more traffic at this site (given that the genuinely beneficial Bridge Lanes housing was turned down because of air quality)? If it's an Aldi nor Lidl it may not have a huge impact on HB retailers, although anecdotally the new Tod Lidl has pulled trade from the market. It might threaten the coop - which for all its failings, is member owned with ok environmental and community standards.

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