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Noisy exhausts

From Gillian M H

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Has anyone else noticed the strange, perhaps modified car exhaust sounds in the valley recently? It's horrible. I hope it's not some new fad that's going to make me even more grumpy.

From Jack H

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Do you mean the one that sounds like he / she has inserted a whistle up the tail pipe? It's hilarious! I think it's intended to sound like a ballistic turbo. Laugh and enjoy. Nature will take its course when their peers start to snigger at this purchase. Possibly from Alibaba although there are plenty of other tat retail opportunities.

Oh, you think I make this stuff up? See this page

From Jae E

Monday, 3 May 2021

Agh yes, Noisy Exhausts:  every generation of a particular sort of young man (man?) must it seems, grasp this 'right of passage' in order to test himself and his heap of metal (Rolls eyes, fingers in ears).  We know all about noisy exhausts at Brearley (bends and lane): the 'mini industrial estate' we live in here (who knew?), is home to among others'- Classic Cars: and until you've heard a Moggie Minor, being 'floored' several times a day on a test run (they often cut-out) only 2m from your sitting room and bedroom window from Brearley to Moderna and back again - well you need to count your blessings quite frankly.  

Diesel fumes and noise aside - so much for Calderdale's Clean n Green credentials? The valley bottom is a magnet for pollution - and so we're getting a 'Wetland' very soon, don't ya know!  

So I'm afraid to say this, but as we grow older (speaking from personal experience you understand), we do become intolerant to noise of all kinds: barking dogs!; squeaky bike breaks (Ough!); coffee machines? and life generally . . . so while I sit here on this very cold, wet (and very quiet - yegh!) BH dreaming of moving to a quieter, greener and cleaner valley somewhere south of here, I simply wanted to empathise with your ears, your distress and brain drain.  Best Wishes from Ms. Victor Meldrew AKA Grumpy Gal.    

From Wally Woodcock

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Does anyone know if you can buy one that groans when you try to speed up? More my style, I think.

From Jae E

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Wally Woodcock: Thanks!  For making me smile!  :o))

From Alan Truman

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Annoying exhausts aside id like to make the case for noises that show a vibrant and well loved valley - barking dogs (also bird song and playing children!); squeaky bike breaks (and a bell ringing) - the sign of less cars on the road and of folk enjoying themselves and being healthy; coffee machines - can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and we are spoiled for choice for good coffee and food (Blue Teapot is my fave) and life generally.

I moved here for a quieter life compared to where I was (lastly Devon, before that all over the world) and it has delivered in spades, despite the passing cyclists, walkers and families enjoying the countryside, most of whom are very polite (maybe it's the smiles i give out first) . . . so while I sit here on this overcast day - loving this valley for its faults and for its joy. I remind those on here that not all older folk are grumpy and to greet others as you would like to be greeted yourself. Some of us find joy in all things.

This is a green and pleasant land for the most and I for one can't wait for the wetlands. I hope more folk visit us here, spend some many in our shops and caffs and add to the vibrancy of this special place.
Alan "Glass half full" Truman.