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NHS Dentistry

From David Thompson 

Thursday, 20 May 2021

Dentists are making a £50 charge on top of normal NHS charges for "aerosol generating treatment". This is because covid restrictions mean that after these treatments, which include virtually everything that dentists do, the surgery cannot be used for 45 minutes, and the NHS won't pay this.

A member of my family was charged £73.80 for an inspection and descaling, instead of the normal NHS fee of £23.80.

The government can provide our money to support business, and their cronies, but pensioners and the poor will have to pay up.

I have written to Craig Whittaker MP to bring this to his attention and asked for his opinion on this disgraceful state of affairs.

From Jae E

Thursday, 20 May 2021

You have my full support and thanks, for bringing this to our attention. I shall indeed contact Mr. Whittaker but my experience suggests, he has never helped in the past or, agreed with anything I've raised.  My question to you however: you have an NHS Dentist locally???  Where?  I still travel to Holmfirth for my NHS work!  

From David Thompson

Friday, 21 May 2021

Our dentist is in Halifax. Could you check with yours in Holmfirth to see if they have the same policy? 

I agree with your comments about Mr Whittaker, it is more about embarrassing these people than the expectation of action. Of course some seem to be embarrassment proof!