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Like minded peopleĀ 

From Jane Bertinshaw

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Having visited the beautiful place that is Hebden Bridge and seeing and recognising the affinity I feel I would have with like minded people, of a certain age, genre etc, that are pretty thin on the ground where I live. I would love to engage with people 60 and above that experienced the life I just missed out on. Thank you. I would appreciate any suggestionsĀ 

From Vivienne H

Sunday, 26 September 2021

Hello. You could perhaps create an email address specifically for this purpose, then publish it on HebWeb, inviting anyone who wants to chat to contact you.

I did that when I wanted someone to help with the garden, & found that it usefully kept replies in one place, and as it didn't involve broadcasting my private address to all & sundry, it felt quite secure. It's easy to delete an email address when it's served its purpose.