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Astra Zeneca from Tod

From Graeme TK

Friday, 10 September 2021

People on here may have read the news reports about 3 batches of the Oxford Zeneca vaccine that haven't been recognised by the EU. The story, with the batch numbers, is here.

I was vaccinated in Todmorden and my first shot came from one of these batches (the number is on the card they gave me after receiving the jab). I guess this will also be true for others on here.

My understanding is that the batch number is somehow reflected in the QR code that people now have to use to access services and businesses when they visit countries in the EU with a 'vaccine pass' system. In other words, as things stand, you wouldn't be able to visit a cafe in Paris if you were vaccinated in Todmorden back in March.

I've written to Craig Whittaker MP to see what's being done at governmental level to address this anomaly, which seems to be the result of a bureaucratic glitch. 

From Andy M

Thursday, 2 December 2021

According to this, more recent information, (the story was from August) Covishield itself is now recognised by France (as well as many other EU countries)?

From David H

Friday, 3 December 2021

I was vaccinated under the circumstances you describe and have recently returned from the EU where I had to show my covid pass a few times.

It was scanned but no-one showed any interest in the vaccine sources. 

The German police on the train were concerned that my second dose was more than 180 days old and I hadn't (at the time) had my booster and I was told to get it ASAP.

I was also forced to have lateral flow tests to get into cafes and non-food shops but only because the Germans insist on vaccine + covid test to get in almost everywhere.

On Dutch trains my same covid pass was scanned and accepted without question but again no-one was interested in the source of the vaccines.