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Monday, 25 April 2011

Town Hall

The extension to Hebden Bridge's Town Hall is to be built of best Pennine stone. Hebden Bridge Community Association announced today that the stone for the major new building will come from the Crosland Hill quarry near Huddersfield, regarded as one of the best sources of true Yorkstone. The stone, which is a Millstone Grit sandstone, is light buff in colour and is extremely hard. It will be a very good match for the stone used in 1897 and 1898 when the original Town Hall was built.

The stone has been chosen by the building contractors, Strategic Team Group, who will be overseeing its selection and installation. Crosland Hill stone, described by one architect as 'about the most beautiful yorkstone currently available', has been used recently for work on Leeds cathedral, Blackburn cathedral and Bradford Law Courts. Further afield, it has paved the high-profile Paternoster Square next to St Paul's Cathedral in London and the Buckingham Palace Queens Gallery.

"We're delighted that we will be able to use high-quality stone for the Town Hall development," says Peter Hirst, chair of the Community Association. "The new building will be a landmark for many years to come, and the town deserves the best we can afford."

The quarries at Crosland Hill have been worked for at least a hundred years, and the stone has been used widely in west Yorkshire towns. The Millstone Grit itself is around 300-325 million years old, when what is now Yorkshire was south of the equator as part of a continent called Gondwana. The hills which have become the Pennines were created when Gondwana collided with another large tectonic plate. The stone's distinctive yellow and golden colour comes from iron which penetrated the rock.

For the Town Hall development, ashlar stone will be used. This is dressed stone, unlike many other buildings in the town which have used the cheaper split-faced stone alternative. The existing Town Hall is also constructed using ashlar stone.

The Community Association is now appealing for local support to ensure that the new riverside courtyard can also be flagged using yorkstone, rather than with substitute paving. The total cost is ?18,235, and the Association is appealing for sponsors prepared to 'buy' a square metre of courtyard flagstone for ?100. "We have successfully raised the funding needed for the core building costs, but for the important details like this we are asking the Hebden Bridge community to play its own part," Peter Hirst says. Details on sponsorship can be found on the Community Association website or from Andrew Bibby on HB 844026.



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