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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Friends of Calder Holmes Park

from Lesley Jones, Chair of Friends of Calder Holmes Park

In response to the side issue which has been posted in the HebWeb Forum under the "you don't leave litter, why leave dog poo" post regarding litter in Calder Holmes Park.

I am writing as Chair of the Friends of Calder Holmes Park group. We care about our park, talk regularly about issues that affect it, including litter and lack of toilets. We work very closely with both the Town Council and Calderdale as we strive to ensure it continues to provide what its users want and need.

But I wonder how many of you out there actually know we exist? We are admittedly a very small group but we constantly struggle to find anyone who is willing to join us and get involved. Considering the number of you that use the park on a regular basis I find this very strange - and even a little sad.

I would love to see more parents with young children who use the playground at our meetings. Parents of the teenagers who skate and others who just chill in and around the skate park and wider park in general. Older people who may just like to sit in the sun or walk around the wavy path.

Dog walkers - you too have a voice. Footballers. The list is endless. But the fewer there are of us means that there are fewer creative ideas, fewer people to be able to exert any influence when we need to, fewer hands to make lighter work of organising the Fair for Youth event in May. Fewer people to come up with ideas for other events and fewer people to help make them happen. Fewer people to help generate ideas for improvements and fewer people to help make them happen too.

The children's playground and the skatepark are marvellous examples of what can be done. But what about the tennis courts, the bowling and putting green areas, the pavilion? They all need more people who care and who are willing to put in a little time and energy.

Our next meeting is on Thursday the 23rd February at 7pm. We meet in the Lifeline Base at Bridge Gate. It's the brown door at the side of the book shop opposite the launderette. Come up the stairs and get stuck in - we don't bite!!

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