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Fox and Goose Pub Co-op

. . . if there is one place in the country where a co-operative pub is likely to succeed, it is Hebden Bridge - Cllr Dave Young

Following extensive discussion on the HebWeb Forum in January and February, moves to buy out the Fox and Goose, a traditional real ale pub in Heptonstall Road, Hebden Bridge and run it as a co-operative pub have now taken a major step towards reality.

An interim steering group has been set up to take the project forward. The eight members were elected from within the wider Fox Friends supporters group.

Fox and Goose

They will now get down to the serious business - carrying out in-depth investigations into the praciticalities of the buyout, such as surveys, finance and legalities and exploring how best to make the co-operative a viable and sustainable organisation.

From the results of these investigations a business plan will be drawn up to get the project well and truly off the ground.

Cllrr Dave Young (both Hebden Royd and Calderdale Councils), who has been elected to chair the steering group said:

"Now things are really moving forward. What this means is that the co-operative is no longer just a dream – it's a very real and exciting opportunity. The Fox Friends believe this is a viable proposition to save this well-loved traditional Local and retain it as a gathering point for the community. We will do everything in our power to make this work."

"There is massive support in the town for this venture. And if there is one place in the country where a co-operative pub is likely to succeed, it is Hebden Bridge, a town well-known for it's strong community spirit."

Fox Friends also have the support of the Plunkett Foundation which helps villages and towns take control of local assets like local shops, pubs and other businesses through community-ownership.

The Fox Friends steering group will need to raise funds for the early actions prior to any buy-out At their first meeting held in the Fox and Goose it was agreed they should look into any available supporting grants and that the Fox Friends should organise fund-raising activities.

The owner Julia Warren is having to sell the pub because of her deteriorating health. Neither Julia nor the regulars and local community want to see the Fox and Goose swallowed up by a major chain, with the associated loss of its unique character – or even worse closed down with the building sold off for another use, as has happened to so many of our favourite pubs in the area.

The interim steering committee members are:

Chair Coun Dave Young
Secretary Anna Rexon
Treasurer Jonny Owen
Project officers Rachel Baines-Holmes (business planning)
Peter Hayward (business planning)
Trevor Cobb (Social & community liaison
Drew Magiera (Social & community liaison)
Gerry Crookes (Media & communication)

For more information contact the Fox Friends
email: info@foxandgoose.org
Website: www.foxandgoose.org
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