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Songs From a Shed

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Songs from the ShedLocal musicians Wally Woodcock and Steve Andrews have just released a CD containing thirteen original compositions. Titled Songs From a Shed, the album has been a little over two years in the making.

Wally and Steve have been on the Hebden Bridge music scene for some time now. Wally was a member of mid-70s soft rock band Havana Lake, going on to form covers band The Outfit. He has been rhythm guitarist in Hebden's favourite ska/rock band – Owter Zeds – since 2001. Multi-instrumentalist Steve played lead guitar in the Owter Zeds during the 1990s, also playing drums for the band in the early 2000s. Since then, Steve has been depping, mostly for Three Men and a Bass, Bradford's finest function band. You'll also find him playing bass or drums for Halifax band The Shirt. Steve is also involved in several other shed recording projects

Wally and SteveWally and Steve worked together for several years teaching music recording technologies and production skills to students at the University of Bradford, but Songs From a Shed marks the first time they have collaborated on a writing, recording and mixing project of their own – as Uncle Wally and Uncle Steve.

Wally told the HebWeb, "Steve and I have built up a CD's-worth of material and thought it would be a good idea to share it. Nearly everything, with the exception of 'Over There', which was produced at my place, was recorded in Steve's home studio - the shed. Everything you hear on the album is played by us - if there's enough interest in the album we might even put together a few gigs. We've already started work on a second album, with five tracks in production so far."

Limited edition signed copies of the CD are currently available for sale – price £5 - online here and can also be purchased at Midgley Community Shop.

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