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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Energy Switching in Calderdale

Anyone in Calderdale with a residential gas or electricity supply can now easily take part in a deal that could save them money – perhaps as much as £250 per year. But just how green in the initiative?

All you have to do now is express an interest – with no commitment – in changing your energy supplier.

Calderdale Council is working with an energy switching company to collect the names and addresses of people who are interested in switching supplier and this list is 'auctioned' to get the best rate for those on it. The more people express an interest, the bigger the possible savings may be.

Whichever energy company wins the 'auction' will contact those on the list and offer them a deal and help with any switch. There is no need to accept this offer if you do not want to.

Liberal Democrat Councillor David Hardy who is chair of the Economy and Environment Scrutiny panel on Calderdale has developed this idea from a report carried out into fuel poverty.

Commenting on the energy switch Calder ward Councillor Janet Battye said: "This is a great initiative that has David has encouraged Calderdale Council to take up. By working together we can hopefully get a better deal from energy suppliers, perhaps as much as £250 on our yearly bill. At a time when many are struggling with fuel poverty this could make a big difference to people's lives.

It's easy to get your name on the list: do it online or ring 0800 009 3363, Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 5.00pm. You should have a recent energy bill or an annual statement from your supplier to hand.

However, Polly Weber of Hebden Bridge's Alternative Technology Centre offers a note of caution. "Whilst these energy switching schemes can indeed save money on bills, they can also result in more energy being used, which of course is contrary to the whole resource and carbon reduction efforts."

She has asked Calderdale whether the scheme provides an option to purchase green energy and and whether it includes some energy efficiency measures/advice alongside.

Polly pointed to other schemes which which do address these issues:

The People's Power who are in addition, a not for profit company which don't make large referral fees. They are also negotiating on cheaper green energy.

Yorkshire based CO2Sense who are looking at a scheme that would use some of the savings to put into an energy savings fund for carrying out small energy efficiency measures and would also include a green option.

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