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New project includes Raspberry Pi, conductive thread and ink, energy efficient 3D printing and more

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Making PlaceThe Alternative Technology Centre has just been successful in gaining funding to kick start its new project “Making Place”.

This project will create an inspiring place for people to come and learn, share and collaborate on all things to do with making - for engineers, geeks, artists, designers, amateur scientists and innovators.

The project already has lots of fun technology which includes Rasberry Pis, (computers that cost just £25), conductive thread and ink, kits for basic electronics experimentation, energy-efficient computers running open source software and with open internet access, and much more. We will be shortly getting a 3D printer which will be available for use down at the ATC.

We are launching a series of workshops to start soon and which will include workshops on arduinos – little gadgets which can be programmed to control anything from LED lights and motors to twitter messages, etextiles, which uses conductive sewing thread to create circuits and make wearable technology, robotics, automata and much more.

Polly Webber, of the ATC, said “this is fantastic news. The work that is being done with this new technology is changing the whole approach to manufacturing. We think this project is rooted in the cooperative, creative and entrepreneurial heritage of the Calder valley.”

The funding has come from the Yorkshire Venture Philanthropy Fund, via Calderdale Community Foundation

If anybody is interested in becoming involved in any way, please contact us on 01422 842121 or email polly@alternativetechnology.org.uk

We also have a Facebook page so you can catch up with us there

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