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Privacy under threat

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A public meeting in Hebden Bridge is being held to discuss important changes affecting our personal privacy. Phil Booth from the newly launched MedConfidentiailty campaign will be explaining how changes in the NHS will affect how patient medical records are handled. Most people are still unaware of these major changes that will radically alter patient privacy. Phil Booth is on the front-line of a campaign to protect confidentiality in our health system. He will warn how these changes will damage GP confidentiality and expose our medical secrets to corporate and private interests.

He will be joined by Rebecca Taylor MEP, Rebecca will be speaking about her work at the European Parliament. This work involves drawing up new data protection legislation. The new rules Rebecca has been working on will affect the data different organisations hold about us, how they can use it, and how unauthorised or illegal use can be prevented. In our information society, how our data is handled is a hot topical and more important than ever.

The meeting is being chaired by Cllr James Baker and hosted by the NO2ID campaign. It will be held on Friday 12th April, in the upstairs room of the White Lion, in Hebden Bridge at 7.30pm. The meeting is free to attend and all members of the public are invited.

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