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Monday, 3 June 2013

Karl BoggisA New Mayor for Hebden Royd Town Council

Cllr Karl Boggis takes the chain as the new Mayor of Hebden Royd with his partner Felicity as his consort. 

Cllr Nigel Yorke will be his deputy and his consort will be his wife Rebecca.

Councillor Boggis has taken the unusual step of not selecting an official charity, but instead wants to help community groups to boost their own coffers by helping them to find venues to host fundraising events.

“Through the work that has been done on the public consultation for Youth House in Hebden Bridge it became apparent that there are many under-used venues in the Hebden Royd Area and we all know that there are a large number of community groups around too” said the Mayor.

“To this end, and as the Mayors good cause, I would like to open a self-help style group, whereby I invite all community venues that have a space available for use, and any groups who would like help organising a fundraiser to contact the Mayors Secretary, ¬†Rebekah Cox at the Council Offices on 01422 842181 or through the council website at www.hebdenroyd.org. I would like to aim for an event a month and they can be as varied as our imaginations”

The annual Mayor Making ceremony was held at the Good Shepherd Church, Mytholmroyd. Councillor Boggis was nominated for his new role by Cllr Christine Bampton-Smith who stated that Cllr Boggis would be ‘an amazing ambassador for our parish council’.

The retiring Mayor Cllr Christine Davenport, presented representatives of Calder Valley Search and Rescue with a cheque for £1724.70. She had also donated £450 to the Calder Valley Flood Appeal earlier in the year.