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Monday, 22 July 2013

Liberal Democrats launch ‘Save our Pubs’ Campaign

Calderdale Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to save Calderdale pubs from threats of closure. They are warning of research from CAMRA that shows across the country 26 pubs are closing every week, and arguing that if something isn’t done now we risk losing more of our cherished community pubs.

Save our pubs

Cllr Baker and Cllr Battye supporting the local Little Valley Brewery

The campaign is asking for a number of practical measures from local government and parliament such as reforming large pub companies to giving pubs better protection under planning legislation. It is launching with a website and petition at www.savecalderdalepubs.com which local residents are signing to demonstrate their support. The campaign then intends to put forward a motion to Council calling for better protection of pubs.

Cllr. Janet Battye leader of Calderdale Liberal Democrats told the HebWeb: “Local pubs are hubs of the community and are vitally important, especially in the villages that have lost their post officer or shop. We are running this campaign to get Calderdale Council to take action to protect pubs. ”

Cllr. James Baker added “The coalition has helped reduce the cost of living by scrapping the beer duty escalator. We think it should go further in lowering beer tax so people can afford to be social and visit their local, rather than having to buy cheap booze from a supermarket."