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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Eastwood Recycling Centre to close on 28 August

In spite of requests to provide local alternatives to the Eastwood Recycling Centre when it closes for 4 months, Calderdale Council say they are unable to do so.

The Council have rejected the following:

  • Use of alternative sites, such as Callis Mill, Bramsche Square. Issues related to permits/licenses, access and vehicle turning would make this option difficult. Using temporary sites may also lead to fly tipping after the temporary site was closed
  • Skips or refuse collection vehicles parked in a lay-by. As with alternative sites, there are a number of concerns such as how it would be managed and advertised. Public safety, licences and permits would be required and traffic issues would make this option difficult.
  • Try to keep Eastwood HWRC partially open throughout the work. This option was originally believed to be possible, but there were a number of problems associated with it. Some of these included managing public safety, particularly when building work was taking place on one part of the site and residents were using the other part of the site; traffic issues, especially because the site entrance/exits would need to move as work was done on the site (traffic is already a concern for residents); it would extend the closure of the site significantly (by months) and this would impact on all residents, especially those who live close to the site. With this option, the Council would only able to offer a limited amount of recycling skips and waste so residents would still have to travel to their nearest HWRC to deposit other materials.

Calderdale say that a major revamp at Eastwood Household Waste Recycling Centre will make it safer, quicker and easier for local people to recycle their unwanted items.

The centre, located between Todmorden and Hebden Bridge, currently handles 5,500 tonnes of material a year, and around 65% of this is recycled thanks to people putting items into the appropriate skips. But, the centre has seen better days, and urgently needs to be updated to meet modern safety standards and make it easier for visitors and staff to use.

Following extensive consultation last year, the refurbishment will include demolition of the existing waste shed and re-organising of the centre to encourage more recycling. There will be clear separation of areas for cars and larger vehicles.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet approved the works in April 2012, and detailed planning consent and tenders for construction were secured. The works are part of a programme of improvements to Household Waste Recycling Centres across the borough.

To make sure these essential works are carried out safely, Eastwood will be closed for the duration, from August 2013 to late December 2013. Calderdale Council is encouraging people to use alternative Household Waste Recycling Centres in Sowerby Bridge, Halifax, Brighouse and Elland - none of which are convenient for residents of Hebden Bridge and surrounding area.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy and Environment, Cllr Barry Collins, said: “We’ve worked hard with local people to get this project right. It will boost recycling, improve safety and help to reduce queuing on the busy Burnley Road. As a result, Eastwood will soon be just as efficient as the other Calderdale waste centres refurbished by the Council in recent years.”

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Find out where the Household Waste Recycling Centres are in Calderdale.

Bulky household waste, such as beds, cookers and three piece suites, can be taken away for a charge of £10, by visiting the Calderdale website or ringing 0845 245 7000.

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