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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Seaport at Sunrise: novel from local writer, Ian Emberson

Seaport at SunriseLocal writer, poet and artist Ian M. Emberson has written a novel which has its roots in his National Service in the 1950s. Seaport at Sunrise tells the story of Caroline Weyland, a young girl living in Cyprus during the years 1955 to 1957.  At this time, the island was a British colony, but the EOKA terrorist movement was agitating for union with Greece.  

Against this background of bombings and assassinations, Caroline is coming of age and discovering the world of her own emotions. Although the author was doing his National Service in Cyprus during the time in which the story is set and has used this experience for background, the plot is purely imaginary. 

Seaport at Sunrise is published by Pennine Pens as an eBook, for immediate download on both Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks.
An original draft was written many years ago as a third person narrative, but has recently been recast in the form of Caroline's journal.

One reviewer on Amazon has written, "Against this sometimes violent political background, whose events ultimately impinge on her, 17-year-old Caroline embarks on her voyage of discovery of life, men, love, sex - as well as of Cyprus itself, which provides a rich and vibrant setting. Who will turn out to be the right man for her - her first boyfriend Private Maurice Fielden; an older man, the historian Conrad Elsdon whose assistant she becomes; or the handsome young Greek Doros Akritas, brother to one of the independence fighters?

" . . . .The setting is painted vividly and Caroline's journey to fulfilment told with great directness. The novel seems to have been inspired by the same kind of spirit that animated the world of the ancient Greeks."

Another Amazon reviewer adds, "In Ian Embersons's riveting story it feels gratifying that in the midst of intrigue, fighting, death, betrayal and destruction human decency shines through".

Local publishers, Pennine Pens is gradually increasing its offerings of eBooks, the latest being Berringden Brow by Jill Robinson. 
For Kindles and Kindle apps, follow this link to Amazon or put “Seaport at Sunrise” or “Ian Emberson” in the search box. For iBooks on iPads and iPhones follow this link or search for “Seaport at Sunrise” or “Ian Emberson” in the iBooks or iTunes stores.
Alternatively go to the Pennine Pens website and click on the “Seaport at Sunrise” links.  And/or the links for Berringden Brow and other Pennine Pens' eBooks.