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Vanishing for the VoteVanishing for the Vote: the suffragette boycott of the 1911 census

New book from local historian, Jill Liddington

Monday, 10 March 2014

On Friday evening, 10th March, 30 people crowded into the Book Case in Hebden Bridge for the launch of Vanishing for the Vote, the latest book from local historian, Jill Liddington.

Jill Liddinton talk

Kate Claughan, of the Book Case, Jill Liddington
and Cllr Jonathan Timbers, Deputy Mayor of Hebden Royd
Photo: Jade Smith

Cllr Jonathan Timbers, Hebden Royd deputy mayor, gave the welcome to the author and those attending.

Jill Liddington said: 'Vanishing for the Vote tells the story of the suffragette boycott of the 1911 census.

Suffragettes proclaimed 'No vote, no census'. Social reformers said future health improvements for women and children must be based on accurate census data.

Feelings ran high in the weeks leading up to census night, for and against the boycott. And one of the most compelling debates took place in Calderdale. The Halifax Mechanics' Institute, seating about 800, was packed, to hear Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst who had come up to speak.'

Jill Liddinton talk

Libby Tempest, Jill Liddington, Simon Rennie
Photo: Jade Smith

On Friday evening, Libby Tempest played Emmeline, and urged upon her audience the moral rightness of the boycott. Reverent Schroeder (Simon Rennie), local Unitarian minister, challenged her, accusing the suffragettes of attempting something 'grossly immoral'.

More information about Vanishing for the Vote and the 1911 census on Jill Liddington's website.