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Track a Tree project

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Christine Tansey of Hebden Bridge is currently working on a Phd project, with the University of Edinburgh and in cooperation with the Woodland Trust. She has created a Track a Tree website to follow the progress of woodlands throughout the UK, and the HebWeb has been approached to encourage local people to volunteer.

Track a Tree

Volunteers will record the progress of spring in woodlands across the UK. Christine Tansey is looking for people to record the phenology, ie seasonal timing, of individual woodland trees and selected flowering plants that grow beneath them.

The project is not interested in garden trees but trees in the local woodland.

With lots of data to crunch, this should help find out how spring timing varies across the UK and how changes in climate and temperature could affect UK woods.

You just need to be able to observe and record one (or more) trees once a week till their leaves are fully out. Lots of guidance with detailed field notes on the Track a Tree website.

Before you can submit your observations to Track a Tree, you must register as a recorder, and then log in to the system.

Once registered, your username and password will give you access to your own recording space on this site.