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National Teachers' Strike on 26th March

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The National Union of Teachers has called a one-day national strike for Wednesday March 26th and Sue McMahon of Calderdale NUT has written to the HebWeb to outline the teachers' case.

They have told us that the strike is part of the campaign to protect pay, pensions and "to ensure a workload that means your children receive the best possible education."

"Your teachers are under attack. Our professional status is being denigrated and undermined by the Secretary of State Michael Gove. He wants to:

  • dismantle the national pay structure,
  • introduce Performance Related Pay (PRP),
  • impose a 50% increase in our pension contribution,
  • see teachers work until 68,
  • impose excessive workload and bureaucracy. Recent Government figures show that teachers in primary schools are working 60 hours a week - we think this is too much, and is one of the reasons why so many young teachers are leaving the profession.

"We will not allow our pay and jobs to be cut and our pensions, professional practice and working conditions worsened. The NUT is willing to talk and call off the strike, why won't Michael Gove listen?
In addition, the NUT as part of our 'Stand Up For Education Campaign' is fighting to ensure that:

  • Every classroom in every school has a qualified teacher
  • Local authorities can open new schools where needed
  • Changes to the curriculum and exams are positive and well planned
  • New teachers are encouraged into the profession
  • Schools work together and are properly and equitably funded.

"Teachers in Calderdale never like taking action which interferes with your children's education. But it is because we care passionately about the quality of teaching and learning in our schools, that we have to stand up for education.

"We hope that you will understand and support us on 26th March. Teachers and parents standing together to protect children's education sends a strong message to Michael Gove!"

Further information can be found at www.teachers.org.uk/parents