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Doddnaze: Music triumphed over Saturday's storm

Thursday, 12 June 2014

A potential disaster was turned into a successful day at Doddnaze on Saturday when organisers went ahead despite a storm  leaving them with no power.

Saturday morning brought storm conditions and a flood warning to the area and many people assumed the event would be cancelled.  The event was almost called off when organisers considered their options but decided to go ahead as best they could.



snazzypants-mizula"This happened a few years ago when a storm destroyed the main stage at a World on our Doorstep event in Calder Holmes Park" said stage manager Dave Boardman. "It didn't put us off then and it wasn't going to this time either, we're made of stern stuff at Doddnaze."

Several Doddnaze residents are part of Drum Machine who started the festival off. They were followed by an acoustic set from folk funny man Ric Birtill, on an impromptu stage built of straw bales and floor boards.  His short set included satirical songs about Vladimir Putin coming out and a desire to murder Katie Hopkins. Ric had gone along with the tone of the day - let's just get on with it.

Caroline ScottInspired by this Mr Wilson's Second Line invited everyone to join the on stage and had the whole marquee dancing. Snazzypants Mizula led a hoolahop workshop in the rain and massages were available too.  Viv and Maggie's Green Room had planned to cater for the performers, but decided to hand out cakes and sandwiches to all those who braved the weather on the day.

Local Indie band The Tiny Minds had been booked and provided two acoustic sets. Festival Organiser Aid Todd joined Klezmer band Klonk on stage having only just been introduced to members of the band and Mad Jack and the Hatters decided to come along anyway and headlined the event in grand style with rockabilly versions of songs by Dolly Parton and Buddy Holly as well as a few of their own.

"We just made it up as we went along," added Dave. "Bill Pringle had brought his guitar and mandolin and others were encouraged to do the same."

Bill was followed by short sets from local teenage duo Amy & Rayenne followed by their friend Caitlin.  Graham Alexander's Money is as Innocent as the Gun kept people enthralled with his critique of wealth and the system that divides rich and poor.



Kate Foster from Old Town followed and Curtis Haptonstall from Tucson, Arizona  who was visiting a friend ion Hebden Bridge filled a gap with a singalong of Johnny Cash songs until Mad Jack and The Hatters arrived. And filled the time very well.

Well done the Dodd Naze Community Events team lead by Aid Todd and Kaz McKnight, Maya Grimes and Mike Middleton among others.

"It was great, by the end I was almost glad we started with a disaster, " said Aid Todd," that turned it into a real community event."

Kaz McKnight agreed:" It's made us more determined to do it again next year."

Information about the performers will be posted on Doddnaze Community Facebook page

Thanks to Dave Boardman for this report