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Parade logo Handmade Parade on Blue Peter

Monday, 30 June 2014

If you'd like to relive this year's Handmade Parade, tune in to Blue Peter next Thursday, 3rd July when a special film of the parade and workshops will be broadcast.
Presenter Barney Harwood visited the Handmade Parade workshops, tried out the bird bike, interviewed children about their costumes and took part in a special Handmade Parade make with parade artist Fran Sierevogel and four local children making elephant masks.


Photo: Ian Hodgson

Barney and the Blue Peter team returned to film the parade on June 8. The film will be broadcast on the CBBC show at 5.30pm and parade organisers are delighted the Handmade Parade will receive UK-wide exposure.

Barney and the Ox

Barney Harwood and the Ox - Photo: Ian Hodgson

This year's parade, the Endangerous Expedition, featured endangered and extinct animals in four environments: Jungle, Polar, Desert /Savannah and Oceans. Each section of the Endangerous Expedition had a giant creature representing it and the sections drew on designs and decorative motifs of cultures from those areas.

Handmade Parade

Handmade Parade - more photos from HebWeb

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