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Fundraising Gig at the Trades Club for the Mayor's Nominated Charity - St Augustine's Centre

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The successful Hebden Bridge - St.Pol. Town Twinning Concert that was run in St Pol in June to mark the 35th anniversary of the town's twinning is to be repeated as a fundraising event for the Mayor's charity, St Augustine's Centre.

The Trades Club will host the event on Friday 18th July from 7.30pm, for a fusion of reggae, traditional Tibetan, French Jazz, rock and Funk, followed by a funky set from Sarah B into the early hours of the morning

Featuring Hebden Bridge Junior Band, John Armstrong, Angus Barclay, Lhamo, Terry Logan, Simon Patridge, Becca Ryan, Jim Duffy and Liz Dever.

Tickets are £5, Members £4.

Our Vision – 'I know I am welcome'

The people who come to St. Augustine's Centre to make a community are at the heart of our work. We all share meals and stories.  We work together in growing food, cooking food, learning English, developing skills, learning, supporting each other and becoming friends.

Who are the we who meet together at St. Augustine's? We are local children (under 5) who come with our parents to the nursery every day with our staff.  We are Hutu and Tutsi from Africa who eat side by side with Iranians, Zimbabweans, people from Sri Lanka and an ex squaddie struggling with alcoholism.  We are volunteers; people with learning difficulties, poor mental health, the young, the retired who all have something to offer.

Stories are told as the garden is dug, the food is cooked and eaten and the fashion show is planned.  There is laughter, sadness, celebration and struggle.  Those who come here are changed: we have found somewhere to live, learnt a new recipe, shared friends, given and received, and are becoming friends.

St. Augustine's Centre has been established for over 40 years and its objects are to promote the following purposes, particularly for the benefit of the residents of the Park Ward of Calderdale and the wider area:

  • supporting individuals in helping to build a flourishing and loving community
  • the advancement of education through training, advice and guidance
  • the relief or prevention of poverty and the promotion of good health
  • offering a safe sanctuary and a range of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupations for those persons who have need by reason of their youth, age, infirmity, social or economic circumstances.
  • the education, care, and development of children, particularly those aged up to 11 years of age

In 2007 the St Augustine's Centre was chosen as one of only 71 groups to gain the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service, whilst long-time leader, worker and volunteer Denise Keenan was awarded an MBE in 2008 for her services to St. Augustine's.