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WW1 centenary: Sand in your Eye project

Loss is eternal

Monday, 10 November 2014

In August, Yorkshire based sand artist Jamie Wardley and the Sand In Your Eye Team created a 10 tonne sand sculpture at Hebden Royd Town Hall as part of the WW1 centenary.

The piece is called Loss is Eternal.

The sculpture depicts the moment when a wife of a soldier opens a letter common during WW1 with the words: "We regret to inform you your husband has been killed in action."

Loss Is Eternal from Sand In Your Eye on Vimeo.

This 7 minute video sets the scene for the project and sculptor Jamie Wardley describes how it was built. He says, "You know if it's working if it affects you."

The sculpture itself was commissioned by Hebden Royd Town Council, whilst the film was commissioned by HRTC and sponsored by Bankfield Museum.

The video shows the various people involved in bring the project to fruition, including Emma Green, representing Hebden Royd Town Council, and Ann Kilby representing Pennine Horizons Digital Archive. Local photos from the digital archive showed how women dressed 100 years ago.