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Martha WainwrightThe Martha Wainwright visit

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Here is the latest statement from The Trades Club about 26 November when Martha Wainwright is to play at the Trades Club.

There has been some local controversy around Martha Wainwright's performance at the Trades Club on Wednesday 26th November 2014. There is unhappiness that Martha has recently played in Israel and some people have tried to persuade the club to cancel the gig on this basis.

The Trades Club Committee takes this issue very seriously, has considered the matter diligently and will continue to do so. We support the call of the Palestinian people for a cultural boycott against Israeli government institutions and organisations connected with the state of Israel. From our communication with those involved in formulating and campaigning on the boycott, in Palestine and in this country, we understand that the campaign does not call for individuals who have played in Israel to be boycotted.

The information from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) is that "the Palestinian boycott, unlike the South African cultural boycott, is institutional and does not target individuals as such" (PACBI Guidelines 2014). In this light, and because we are under contractual and financial obligations, the gig is proceeding. We recognise the uneasy position however, especially in view of the recent bombardment of Gaza, and have already stated that the club will not profit from the gig and will donate any proceeds to Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP).

The Trades Club has a long history of supporting those who seek a just settlement and resolution of the Israel/Palestine conflict. That proud tradition continues. We have offered the Palestine Solidarity Campaign the opportunity to fly the Palestinian flag at the club for one week a year, and to use the opportunity to run a week of education, campaigning and fundraising. If you would like to be further involved in the club's efforts on behalf of Palestine you could watch the programme for upcoming events, or buy tickets for The Love Machine, (a regular dance night and benefit/fundraising vehicle of the Club Committee) which is raising money for MAP on Friday the 19th December.

The Martha Wainwright visit

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

With a picket threatened for Martha Wainwright's visit to the Hebden Bridge Trades Club next week, the Club has explained its position.

Trades Club Secretary Ed Stutt has told the HebWeb that "Martha Wainwright is booked to play at the Trades Club on Wednesday 26th November.

"In common with many others, the Trades Club is very disappointed to discover that Martha Wainwright recently chose to play in Israel. The Club had no prior knowledge of her intention to do so when we made the booking. We support the cultural boycott of Israel and would not knowingly engage anyone who has or intends to contravene it."

Liz Kirby, Trades Club Treasurer added, "We are under a contractual obligation to continue with the gig. However, we do not want to profit from this event. It is our goal to continue our historical and on-going support for the fight for a just settlement in Palestine. In the light of this, we intend to donate any money made from the performance to Medical Aid for Palestine."

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