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Liberal Democrats call for open publication of the report of the People's Commission

Friday, 30 January 2015

Local Liberal Democrats have expressed dismay that the report of the Council's People's Commission into health and social care services is being kept under wraps until the Special Council meeting on Monday February 9th.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Cllr Janet Battye told the HebWeb, "This has been a good piece of cross-party working and we've agreed on the findings and recommendations to the Council meeting, so I really don't understand why the Conservative and Labour members of the Commission don't seem to want it to be made available to the public at the same time as it's sent to Councillors in advance of the Council meeting."

"We're all concerned about health and social care services, and the real worries about funding and whether there are enough services in the right place. The Commission examined these and has drawn what I think are some sensible well thought through conclusions and recommendations. I don't think that there are any surprises in the report."

"It seems to me to be sensible and helpful to the debate at the Special Committee and Council meeting that our colleagues in the Health Service and local people have an opportunity to read through the report so that they know what we're thinking."

"There is no confidential or commercially sensitive information in the report, so I fail to understand why people from other political parties don't want the public to be able to see and read the report until after the Council meeting. I call on them to change their minds in the public interest"

Councillor James Baker Deputy Group leader added, "It's called the People's Commission but Conservative and Labour Councillors don't want the people to see it until after Councillors have had early access to the report and a chance to debated it themselves. Other parties talk the talk about openness and transparency, but they don't walk the walk."