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Share your favourite Harold Crabtree shoes!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Crabtree shoesThis was Harold Crabtree's final season. As everything flies off the shelves for the last time, there is a chance to share your favourite Harold Crabtree moments. A Facebook page has been created where people are invited to take photos of their favourite shoes and post them for posterity.

From the glamorous to the deeply practical, Harold Crabtree offered them all and this is a lovely chance to share the pleasure your shoes have given you.

So, please rummage through your cupboards and find as many Crabtree shoes as you can. You can post your photos by joining the Facebook group: Harold Crabtree Memories or email them to and they will be posted for you. If you have a story or particular memory to go with the shoes, so much the better and please share that.