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Myra James is awarded 20mph Campaigner of the Year

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Myra JamesMyra James was announced as 20's Plenty for Us National Campaigner of the year at the 20mph Conference on 12 March. It recognises her successful volunteering to win 20mph limits across Calderdale's streets.

As founder of 20's Plenty for Calderdale and a Friends of the Earth, CTC and Upper Calder Valley Sustainable Transport Group member, Myra collaboratively lobbied every political party and the Director of Public Health in Calderdale.

Myra achieved both a wide public consultation on, and got £520k local transport plan and £500k public health funding to implement 20mph limits across Calderdale's local streets over three years. Calderdale is the first authority in West Yorkshire to announce a wide Total 20 policy.

Myra argues for 20mph limits with evidence and enthusiasm. She established 20's Plenty for Calderdale in January 2013 and met with the then Cabinet member for Transport Barry Collins that February. By May 2014 the decision to go 20mph was confirmed.

Myra led an inclusive and respectful campaign and got results - mainly by meeting with, speaking from the heart and emailing key decision makers. She also presented at Council meetings and did media work. Anna Semlyen, National Campaign Manager for 20's Plenty for Us said "Myra James is an exceptional campaigner. Her promotion of 20mph limits has been of the highest quality. She is keen, yet modest, non-confrontational and universally respected by key decision makers in Calderdale."

Myra James said, "I accept this award on behalf of everyone who was instrumental in Calderdale's success, including Anthony Rae of FOE, Councillor Barry Collins, Director of Public Health Paul Butcher and Councillor Janet Battye, whose vote in support of the Cabinet's decision helped when 20mph was called in by the Scrutiny Panel.

"I'm proud to live in a place that cares about people and the planet."

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