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Hebden Bridge Partnership - how things get done

Friday, 2 October 2015

AGM 12 October.

So much goes on in Hebden Bridge you might sometimes wonder how it is done.

A large amount of volunteer time by a large number of people who love the town is the answer.

The Hebden Bridge Partnership, the umbrella organisation which brings together community groups (together with Calderdale, Town and Parish Council reps) has worked this past year to set up the Calder Valley Community Land Trust to build affordable housing, produced again the Welcome to Hebden Bridge visitor brochure used by the Tourist Information centre and is working on ideas for the use of the old Fire Station site if the attempt to build a Sainsbury store there is finally disallowed.

The Town Council has been running the cinema, donating monies to a lot of community groups and painstakingly sifting through planning applications. The Hebden Bridge Community Association, who run the Town Hall, has initiated the Staying Well project and housed the collection point for Refugee Aid and much more.

To find out more and to join in to make the HBP work even more effective residents are urged to go along to the Hebden Bridge Partnership AGM on October 12th at 7pm in Hope Chapel.

It is the annual event, chaired this year by the new Mayor, Cllr James Fearon, at which voluntary groups have three minutes each to share with everyone what they've been doing and their plans for the year ahead.

Hear from the HB Community Association (Town Hall), the Friends of the Picture House, HB Local History Society, Upper Calder Valley Renaissance, Calder & Colne Rivers Trust, Handmade Parade, the Flood Action group, HB Woodcraft Folk, Fox & Goose cooperative, Mill Pond group, Hope Baptist church, HB Walkers Action, Pennine Heritage, The Egg Factory collective, HB Junior Band, Calder Valley Community Land Trust, Wainsgate Chapel Arts, HB Piano Festival, Friends of HB Station, HB Arts Festival, Town Twinning Society, Hepton Singers, Trades Club, Thefactoryline, Folk Roots Festival, Northlight studios, the Swimming Pool Trust, Calder Civic Trust, Calder Valley Voices, the HebWeb and many more.

This meeting is also an opportunity to get involved. There are vacancies on the Partnership's management board and on some of their task groups progressing particular aspects of the Partnership's action plan. These groups include the disability access group, looking to make Hebden Bridge an exemplar of accessibility for those with disabilities (people with disabilities and able-bodied people equally welcome on this group), the visitor economy strategy group, completing some valuable work developing a visitor economy strategy for the town and the pedestrians and traffic group to make HB more pedestrian friendly. Being involved can be a rewarding and stimulating experience.

If you are interested and can't attend the meeting let Andrew Bibby, the Secretary know via info@hbpartnership.org.uk. If your organisation wants to give a report please contact Andrew on this email.