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Flood Recovery Art Auction

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Hebden Bridge Flood Recovery Art Auction far exceeded what we thought it would, raising over £12,000. Artists from around the world submitted pieces for the auction and it was fascinating to watch. As local Auctioneer, Ian Peace, of Calder Valley Auctioneers stated on the evening, people truly were getting a bargain; if it had been sold at a gallery it would also include their mark up price, so people were leaving very happy with their purchases.

Flood recovery auction

Photo thanks to Craig Shaw

It was a successful event all round and all the money raised is going to help the businesses and artists who were directly flooded in the Boxing Day Floods. Due to how many pieces of work were received, not all of the art could be displayed at the event. This is why an exhibition along with a silent auction is happening at 'Creative with Nature' in Todmordern in April to carry on with the fundraising.

Flood recovery art auction

Photo thanks to Craig Shaw

Sara Abbott had this to say: "Creative with Nature Gallery is delighted to support the Flood Recovery Art Exhibition. Having seen the phenomenal response from artists around the world who have donated work to Caroline, we were desperate to help too, so the gallery is being donated to the cause for a week later this Spring. We'd like to invite everyone to the Exhibition Launch Party from 6.30 till 9pm on the evening of 29th April, come along and be among the first to see and buy the treasures on offer. The gallery will be open 10am till 5pm each day after that with the exhibition closing at 5pm on Sat 7th May.

"Our little gallery is situated in Todmorden, a town still reeling from the boxing day floods making our hosting of this exhibition even more important to us."

Flood recovery art auction

Photo thanks to Craig Shaw

Caroline Reed an artist and organiser of the event said, "I had no words for the devastation I saw on Boxing Day, I am generally bad with words anyway but I am good with images. And luckily so are a lot of my friends so I had to find something I could do to help and the auction seemed to be the logical choice.

"Although then I had no idea how huge it would become. I want to help the artists and the independent business in the local area. As that to me is what Hebden Bridge is all about.

"The auction exceeded my expectations. Thank you to the amazing artists that were kind enough to donate fantastic work, we are still waiting for a few people to pick up there purchased items mainly from proxy bids but we are looking at somewhere between twelve and thirteen thousand pounds raised at the auction. The rest of the items will be going into Creative with Nature Gallery in Todmorden this will be a silent auction event running for one week."

Artists who donated work included Tracy Watt award winning figurative artist, Sam Shendi award winning British sculptor, Christian Hook winner of portrait artist of the year also had 3 TVs series painting famous people, Cadoc Artist Canada, The D Vincic Sisters (Sweden international artists) and much loved Yorkshire artists Kate Lycett, Pippa Dyrlaga, Brodie Doyle plus many more…. have donated their work to the cause.

For more information on the Flood Recovery Art Exhibition and Sealed bid Auction go to the website

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