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Dance Festival raised £900 for Khalsa Aid

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Dance Festival

The 1st Hebden Bridge Dance Festival on Sunday 9th October has been a success.

The organisers covered all costs and raised £900 for the charity Khalsa Aid who helped feed Hebden Bridge after the Boxing Day floods.

Ralph Nimmann, who initiated this festival, said, "It was hard work. I am extremely thankful to Sophia Hatch and Terry Vergos, who helped organise this festival. And all the dance leaders, the volunteers, the venues, the printers and the council were very helpful and supportive.
Everything went very smoothly; all 13 different dance workshops and the world music disco were well attended."

The dance festival secretary Sophia Hatch said, "What an amazing day! Hebden Bridge was buzzing with dance – a dream come true. So much hard work but such goodwill from everybody – dancers, leaders, venues, Junk Food cafe, creating joy and harmony to all, and I feel that joy and harmony will be taken out into the community!"

The organisers kept £500 as a start for the next dance festival in October 2017. Terry Vergos, treasurer, said, "An amazingly bright day with a harmonious energy flow everywhere. It is my honour to have worked with these beautiful people Sophia and Ralph, Next year Hebden?"

The festival organisers are looking for more people to join their team from January. ​Please contact them on by email".

Comments from dancers:

I had such a lovely day last Sunday. It felt as if Hebden Bridge was generating and bathing in a very special light and I think great healing occurred - well done and happy holidays! Fiona

This was a wonderful and unique event. We so enjoyed our day. Although we live some distance away, it was well worth the journey, and we hope to join you again next year! Many thanks indeed. Alison L

ust wanted to post a positive feedback for a great day yesterday.
Good to see so many people trying out dance forms new to them and interacting with people they hadn't met before! Well done everyone who made it possible. Chris G

We had a wonderful day. We danced Italian Tarantella with castanets; shimmied to Middle Eastern and African rhythms and playfully let out our inner birds; danced French and Breton with great live music, which reminded us of all those French dances we've forgotten since we last did them; and finished with circle dancing with Sophia Hatch. Thank you Sophia and the rest of the team for a really lovely day. Kevan

More information will be posted on the website​ and Facebook.