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ArtsMill Exhibition: Morphing in Stone and Paint

Monday, 9 January 2017


Artist, Paul Ormerod is showing his latest work of paintings and Sculpture 'Morphing in Stone and Paint' Exhibition at The David Wright Gallery, Artsmill, Hebden Bridge from 18 January to 5 February 2017. Open Wednesday - Sunday, 11am - 4pm.

Preview is this Sunday, 15 January, 2pm to 4pm.


The artist, Paul Ormerod, had a typical post war upbringing. He attended secondary school and then left when he was 15 to work in the mines. From there, he retrained to be a builder specialising in stonemasonry. He started his artistic journey by attending evening classes at Burnley College of Art and drawing classes in Hebden Bridge and Todmordern. In his own words he describes his journey.

"Art offers an extensive number of directions, leaving openings for endless techniques and numerous methods, all of which are extensively catalogued. I, by my nature, am driven to expressionism.

"A lot of my artwork has developed from years of frustration, dealing with petty minded bureaucrats. My paintings, some didactic, some cynical are painted in the expressionist manner but devoid of the heavy line and thick impasto, using pictorial content and symbolism as an alternative. Some work is deliberately provocative with the intention of engaging the viewer to question their own psyche - thus leaving questions unanswered or inconclusive.

"Many of the sociological changes in history have been recorded by artists, exposing a glimpse into their own private lives.

"Along with the paintings and drawings are several stone and relief carvings, some you may recognize from Da Vinci's sketches.

"The stone carvings and stencils are produced from a totally different thought process, that I would regard as more appertaining to a craft."