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20 mph: Slow Down Day

Friday, 19 May 2017

The Upper Calder Valley Renaissance Sustainable Transport Group supported the Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week (8-14 May), which called for slower traffic speeds to save lives. Members of the group were joined in marking “Slow Down Day” by Calderdale Councillors Dave Young (Calder Ward, Hebden Bridge) and Jane Scullion (Luddendenfoot Ward).

Traffic speed - worst examples

Traffic speed monitoring has recently been carried out by the group in a number of locations in Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd, in both 30mph and 20mph areas. The worst examples on non-compliance were found in some 20mph areas.

20 is plenty

Pictured in Commercial Street, Hebden Bridge (left to right) , are Murray Seccombe, Myra James, John Nesbitt, Nina Smith, Lesley Mackay, Cllr Jane Scullion and Cllr Dave Young.

At the bottom of Cragg Road in Mytholmroyd, near the entrance to Elphaborough Court, and at Machpelah and in Commercial Street, Hebden Bridge, more than 90% of vehicles were found to be exceeding the 20mph limits.

"Pedestrians intimidated"

Secretary of the Sustainable Transport Group Dr. Lesley Mackay said “These findings are worrying. Pedestrians are intimidated by speeding traffic, especially where pavements are narrow, as in Commercial Street. Near Elphaborough Court there is the additional factor of the presence of elderly residents.”

Councillor Dave Young, Labour councillor for Calder ward, welcomes Calderdale's roll-out of 20mph limits throughout Calderdale and said, "In my opinion '20 is Plenty' as it cuts down accidents on our roads and saves lives throughout our Borough."

The Sustainable Transport Group will report its findings to Calderdale Council and put forward its suggestions to encourage better compliance . It also urges members of the public to assist in raising awareness about the importance of the new limits. The group has a small number of "20’s Plenty" wheelie bin stickers (size 30cm x 42cm). Anyone who would like one to display at the roadside on their wheelie bin should send their address to myra.james@3-c.coop.