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Town Council Bye-election result

Updated 27 November 2017

Stephne Harrison won the seat for the Liberal Democrats with 157 votes. Labour's Barnaby Neale received 133 votes.

Stephne HarrisonStephne told the HebWeb, “I am extremely grateful and I would like to thank all those people who gave me their support. It is an absolute privilege to be able to represent the residents of Caldene Ward. I pledge to keep residents in my Ward informed of local developments, provide a voice for local people, and endeavor to make decisions in the best interest of the local  community.

Town Council Bye-election

updated Wednesday, 22 November 2017

There's a by-election happening in Caldene Ward in Mytholmroyd for Hebden Royd Town Council this Thursday, 23rd November. 

Barnaby Neale is the Labour Candidate and Stephne Harrison the Liberal Democratic candidate

Both candidates have now sent the HebWeb a statement about why they wish to be on the council. See below.

Barnaby Neale: I moved to Mytholmroyd from Hebden with my wife nearly four years ago. We love the area and we had a baby on the way - we wanted to give him the very best place to grow up! It's no exaggeration to say that I've found a sense of community here that I've never really experienced before, and this was evidenced by the response to the horrid flooding Mytholmroyd suffered in 2016, and how the area has recovered and started to thrive since. I live and work in Caldene Ward itself and am very honoured to have been selected as the Labour candidate to represent it on Hebden Royd Town Council. (My house has become something of a local landmark as we've 'parked' the TARDIS in the garden!)

I've been very active in local politics, but more importantly I've also thrown myself headlong into far more immediate and helpful things to help my community. I was elected chair of the New Mytholmroyd Gala commitee, which has taken on the mantle of renewing and continuing the Gala tradition which otherwise would have ended this year. It's so important that the village has events like this to rally around and celebrate, and the Gala should be the epicentre of it all. We know we've got our work cut out for us, as we're adamant not to miss a year, so 2018 it is!

I'm proud to have been recently made a member of the Mytholmroyd Flood Wardens with oversight for my local area. I've been profoundly impressed by how dedicated and capable the ever-growing group is, and to be part of it is a privilege and a responsibility I take very seriously. 

There are so many organisations involved in the flood prevention works and other construction in Mytholmroyd, and one of the things I'm determined to do is get them all communicating properly with each other and the community so everyone knows what's going on. This will minimise disruption and hopefully help us all feel a bit more positive about the necessary works which have to be done.

There's a far bigger picture which involves everyone, and that's the one our councillors and community leaders need to keep in mind.

Stephne Harrison: I live with my family on Nest Estate and am actively involved in a number of community initiatives:-

  • As a local school governor,I value the need to ensure small schools are continually supported, to ensure all our local children have access to key opportunities & quality education which allows them to thrive.
  • A trustee of Mytholmroyd Regeneration Partnership often referred to as Royd Regen, I consistently contribute to a number of community initiatives, and occasionally sit on the Royd Town Board as a representative for local businesses.
  • Am a founding member of the Mytholmroyd Business Network I seek to work collaboratively with both businesses and local community organisations to achieve the best possible outcomes for the whole community, contributing to the development of a number of local initiatives that enhance the environment we live in, create investment prospects, and opportunities.
  • I have played a key role in the stakeholder workshops related to establishing flood defences, and have also contributed to the Neighbourhood Plan and will continue to ensure a robust voice and vested interest for Mytholmroyd and its residents in any future developments.

I am passionate about investing in my local community and creating initiatives that attract investment into the local village & Calder valley. A florist by trade and currently working from home providing a bespoke service for wedding and funeral flowers, following the loss of my retail unit due to flood related to works associated with the flood defences. I value what the community has to offer and enjoy being part of it.

I strongly believe in equality for all, in particular that which ensures choice, accessibility, and opportunities are afford to our future generations and the elderly. I support all fair and just initiatives that contribute to sustaining and developing efficient, reliable education systems, health services and affordable housing solutions supported by adequate infrastructure.

Furthermore, I will champion campaigning in particular that to make sure:-

  • access to affordable sustainable housing, supported by adequate infrastructure
  • our NHS services are protected, access to medical treatment is not compromised,
  • small local schools are supported, the education of our children are not affected, nor compromised,
  • protection of our green space, as well as creating sufficient space for sport & community related activities.

I would really value this opportunity to represent the community and promise to make a commitment to playing a valuable role in representing the Caldene Ward and its’ residents.


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