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Friday, 19 January 2018

Make prehistoric pottery at Gibson Mill in Hardcastle Crags

Saturday 27th January 11am until 2pm

Gibson Mill

Join Dr Mike Copper from the University of Bradford in preparing pots at Gibson Mill as part of our on-going exhibition on the woodland archaeology of the Crags.  

Historic pottery

As a part of the Celebrating Our Woodland Heritage project, Pennine Prospects, supported by the National Trust and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Yorkshire Water are inviting anyone who has ever been inspired to make pots to a workshop at Gibson Mill in Hardcastle Crags on Saturday 27th January.

Dr Copper is a specialist in pottery and has been on several digs excavating Neolithic sites in Scotland. "Pottery was an essential part of everyday life in Neolithic society – we can learn so much about the lives of ancestors through their utensils."

The workshop is part of the Celebrating Our Woodland Heritage Project, a three year project to promote this valuable historical resource to help protect it for future generations.

The project is funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund (£400,000), with contributions from the Newground Together Trust (£60,000), the Green Bank Trust (£16,500) and Yorkshire Water (£20,000), and managed by Pennine Prospects, the organisation working in and for the South Pennines.

Booking is not necessary but if you are interested in attending then do get in touch. We will be making the pots prior to firing them on site during a weekend in February. For more information about the project please visit www.celebrate-our-woodland.co.uk or find us on Facebook at Celebrating Our Woodland Heritage.  Call Robin Gray on 07732 069 340 or Email