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HebWebFar more than a large home page, the HebWeb is now an essential local resource

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The HebWeb has been around for 23 years covering local news, events, opinions, tourist info, small ads, where to stay and much, much more. It is updated every day. Even when the home page doesn't have a new news item, many other changes are going on. Events and ads are being added. Or someone is feeling strongly about busking, dogs, roadworks, a chainstore opening and has written to the Forum.

"Just to say I love logging onto your site. It is a brilliant microcosm of a community from all angles & very easy to access."

People visit the HebWeb for a variety of reasons. To find out the latest News, to see what events are coming up, to see who's feeling hot under the collar in the Discussion Forum, to view the latest Small Ads or browse our popular 'Where to Stay' section.

Where to stay: "So grateful to you at Hebweb for getting my brand new business off the ground. All my guests have come via you. You are amazing."

Use the search

But there is much more if you wish to dig under the surface. To begin with, you could just use our search facility (see Home Page top right or our Search page) which only searches pages on the site. Your search doesn’t have to be just one word. Phrases will work equally well. For example, try putting in 'Handmade Parade', 'Arts Festival', 'General Election', 'Hardcastle Crags', 'Mytholmroyd', 'Hebden Hippies', etc. Dozens of pages will come up from our coverage over the past 23 years.


We leave most pages online. Consequently, the HebWeb has become an excellent and essential resource for those wishing to research past events and controversies. So try putting 'Floods’ or 'Boxing Day Flood’, 'Garden Street carpark’, “Chainsaw Tuesday”, “Big Green Weekend”, “Walkers Action”, etc.into our search box.

"HebWeb is by far the best community website I've ever seen online; I check in almost every day even though I live on Vancouver Island in Canada (but am originally from Hebden Bridge). The Discussion forum in particular is tremendous. Fascinating that some of the same issues from when I lived and worked there for four decades until the early 90s are cropping up again and again."   

Perhaps you would just like to browse back over the years. Try our Archive section. You can click on home pages going back over 12–15 years. And you can also browse news and forum discussion by year. And all events listed in our What’s On section over the past 10-15 years may also be browsed.

Other sections

Other sections you may not have visited might be the History Section - HebWeb Features - Lives Remembered.

Unique resource

The HebWeb is a unique resource and it grows every day, thanks to your contributions. Please keep them coming in, to make the HebWeb an ever richer resource for Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd and the surrounding area.

What they've said

"I wanted some information about Roger, the Picture House projectionist, so I thought I would try the Hebden Bridge Times, there must have been an obituary. Waste of time. So I Googled him and got the Hebweb - I should have done that in the first place shouldn't I!!"

"Thank you for keeping the HebWeb site current and moving forward … we check in frequently ourselves … and direct our guests to use it as a resource when visiting the area …"

"Big thank you for the article on the bees, it worked a treat and we have got 4 new members directly from that piece, two of whom have already been up to see the bees."

" . . . the community website, the Hebweb, which is one of the best of its kind in the country. No, world." Martin Wainwright, The Guardian.

"What a great job you are doing running the Hebweb for the community. I'm a retired journalist, based now in York, and a life member of the NUJ. Congratulations on such excellent coverage and a first class service to the local population."

"I'm a postgraduate student in London studying for a PG certificate in web design and development. HebWeb is one of - if not the - most successful community website I have come across. It is vibrant, informative, easily navigable and reflects and presents a positive persona of Hebden Bridge."

Small Ad: "Unbelievable result Hebweb, so many enquiries in response to this advert on your site and now have lovely new tenants. What a success - Thank you Hebweb."

" I check into Hebweb every day still from France!"